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Say Goodbye To Unwanted Fat and Loose Skin Today!

The "Yummy Tummy" Package
Our No.1 Best Selling Treatment

"Yummy Tummy" is a triple threat combination treatment for those that want to say goodbye to excess unwanted fat, cellulite and loose skin and hello to new body confidence!
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Individually, to get the Fat Cavitation, Laser Lipo and RF Skin Tightening treatments done separately, it totals to $398 with your voucher secured above it's only $174.50! 

Even though it's called The "Yummy Tummy" you can do this treatment on ANY part of the body that needs a little TLC.

Check out some of our amazing before and afters! 

Does Yummy Tummy Hurt?

The short answer is NO. All of our body contouring treatments are 100% pain free, non-invasive and with no downtime. For the Yummy Tummy, we combine the Cavitation, Laser Lipo and RF Skin Tightening technologies. Cavitation and RF feels like a handle massage gliding over the treatment area (feels exactly like an ultrasound) and the Laser Lipo are simply just steel pads with warm red lights that are secured onto the body with a strap. The treatment is so comfortable you could fall asleep!


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