Going into your first body contouring session may be a little nerve racking, the biggest reason why is probably because you just don’t know what to expect. In this blog we’ll be going into detail on what to expect at your first body contouring appointment and how to prepare for it.

1. Consultation.

Now you may have had this prior to your first appointment or even at the start of it before the physical treatment.

This is the very first step where we discuss your issues, your goals, your body and its previous history (medical, hormonal etc) and anything else that may be relevant to your appointment. This is where we crack down and decide what treatment is going to work best for your body, your goal and your lifestyle.

This is also where you can ask any questions you may have, our clinician Mary is there to help you every step of the way throughout your body contouring journey!


2. Result/Progress Tracking

The next step is to take before and after photos and measurements. We track your bodies progress the whole way throughout your transformation journey.

Photos are so important when it comes to tracking progress, but it can be a little issue when it comes to self consciousness for some people. You are your own worst critic, sometimes it can be hard to see differences when looking in the mirror or even just forgetting what you looked like before seeing your new body, by having photos side by side, you can really see the changes and improvements you have made.

You don’t have to stress about anyone seeing these photos, they’re kept on your file purely for progress tracking. All photos do not include your face and are asked permission for to post on social media first to show others the amazing results from our treatments. This is beneficial for us to calculate your results as well as motivational for you.


3. Treatment

After discussing what’s best for you in your consultation and taking your pre-treatment photos and measurements, it’s now time for the fun part, the treatment!

What to expect for this part of the appointment varies on which treatment you are getting, on the day, your clinician will explain in detail what is going to happen with whatever technology your using.

For example those getting Cavitation or RF, you will experience a hand held handle connected to the machine be massaged into the area in circular and linear motions, Cavitation will make a static like noise whereas RF wont, RF will heat up and feel warm on the area of treatment and Cavitation wont. If your getting Laser Lipo, your technician will place little metal plates on or around the area of treatment and secure them in place with a band, these will go on the skin cool and warm up throughout the treatment, unlike the name, this treatment has no zapping like laser hair removal.

For Fat Freezing, you experience suction and a cool sensation in the treatment area, it does not make the rest of your body feel cool. For EMS it makes a loud clicking noise and the handle gets strapped onto you using a band and this feels like your contracting a muscle and holding and releasing (like in exercise, doing a sit-up and laying back down)


4. Post Treatment

Your clinician will discuss a post treatment plan with you at your first session, you should see an immediate result after only 1 session, but on average all of our treatments require between 4-8 sessions to see maximum results. The aftercare for majority of our treatments is very easy, we advise to drink 1.5-2L of water to assist the body in flushing out all toxins and fat broken down from the treatments through the urinary system and we also advise to do a minimum of 10 minutes of exercise to also assist the body in its natural processes of the fat leaving the body through the lymphatic system, this is to be done within 24 hours of the treatment. We will add to your progress tracking, re-measure and take after photos from your first session.


5. Rebooking

The last step is check out and rebooking your next session to continue your body transformation journey!

With most of our treatments you can complete appointments up to twice a week, unless your doing fat freezing, which is once on a 4-weekly basis. This is where your lifestyle comes into play part. Some clients are available to come in twice weekly, others can make it weekly, for some-others fortnightly, this is completely up to you and how frequently you can come in to see us, but we do recommend to not leave it more than fortnightly as results will take longer to show.

Now that you’ve had the break down on what to expect, the only thing to do now is to book in and get kickstarted!

Book in for your FREE consultation today to discuss your goals with our highly trained therapist and receive a FREE custom treatment plan.

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