Struggling with cellulite? Read how we can diminish it!

Cellulite is one of those things thats like the gift that keeps on giving, we all have it but none of us want it! Read on to see how our Sydney Body Contouring Clinic diminishes cellulite and how we get you on the road to your next body transformation!

So how can you get rid of cellulite you may ask? First off lets dive into the reasons why we get it and what causes it.



Cellulite is a fat deposit beneath the skin that creates lumpy, dimpled flesh commonly on the thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach.

It involves fibrous connective cords that tether the skin to the underlying muscle, with the fat lying between. As fat cells accumulate, they push up against the skin, while the long, tough cords pull down. This creates an uneven surface or dimpling. Cellulite can be developed due to hormones, age, genetic, diet and lifestyle factors.

Cellulite will never 100% go away, but we can take measures to greatly improve it, at Contouring Bodies we offer a variety of different treatments to treat cellulite.

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Ultrasound-Cavitation Body Shaping is an aesthetic treatment. It converts fat cells into liquid which can then be naturally drained by the body’s own lymphatic system. Cavitation is an excellent treatment for customers that want to reshape the body to achieve cellulite reduction and fat loss for areas with localised fat. Once the fat is removed the skin can start to snap back to its original form again.



Radio-frequency technologies are used to tighten and induce collagen production for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, acne scarring and to minimise pores.

The radio frequency produces currents which alternate high and low frequency currents. This heats the deeper skin tissues to promote blood circulation to tighten the skin.

Most of RF energy enters into the deeper dermal layer, so that deeper layers of the skin can be heated up.

The dermal layer of the skin becomes thickened with the new collagen production and the wrinkles are pushed out, so the skin becomes firmer and the contours are lifted. Results are Immediate however collagen continues to build over the coming weeks.

Radiofrequency skin tightening causes structural changes within the deepest layers of your skin, and it can make your skin look tighter and smoother while making cellulite less noticeable.



Vacuum RF Therapy/Endermologie is a nonsurgical treatment used to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It uses a combination of suction and deep-tissue massage that lifts the skin to stimulate circulation, break up fat, reduce fluid retention, and activate fibroblast cells to produce new collagen and hyaluronic acid and also soften the connective tissue that constricts the lymphatic system. In turn, lymphatic drainage is improved and toxins are flushed from your system.

This increased collagen can help thicken and mildly firm skin tone.

The treatment is painless and has no downtime or side effects, unlike other invasive cellulite treatments which they cut the connective tissue bands that pull down skin and cause dimples.

Paired together with the heat therapy of RF Skin Tightening, this adds to the collagen stimulation to increase thickness and firmness of the skin diminishing cellulite.



When RF and Cavitation technologies are applied in conjunction, the heating and ultrasonic waves effect and promote collagen re-alignment and as a result will tighten skin.

By combining the power of RF and cavitation, it tackles cellulite at its core.

With the 2 of these you can destroy the fatty clusters that make it so difficult to tone areas like your legs. Then, you can tighten and contour your skin so it looks just the way that you want it to. Best of all, you can do it all without surgery.


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