It's Peel Season: Find The Right Peel For You

Peel the love this season with winter’s favourite clinical spa treatment. Chemical peels are a fabulous way to hit “reset” on the complexion, and while you can opt in for a peel anytime of the year, the cooler months are definitely an optimal time to schedule this clinic exclusive appointment.

New to the Facial Peel game? We're here to answer some of your burning peel skincare questions and give you a breakdown of which COSMEDIX peel treatments we recommend for your skin!

So, what is a Chemical Peel?

Let’s start with the basics. A chemical peel is skincare technique performed ONLY by a trained clinician (no trying this at home, kids). The goal of this specific peel treatment is to help remove dry skin and impurities on the outermost layer of skin to help reveal the smooth, supple skin underneath.

What is the downtime after treatment?

Well, that depends. Peels are available in different levels, with lower level peels usually requiring little to no 'downtime'. On the other hand, high level peels can cause moderate to severe skin flaking, which is why clients are instructed to stay out of the sun and follow a strict skin care routine. This is also why winter is often the best time to book your chemical peel!

Consult your clinician to see what peel will work its magic best on you! Cosmedix Chemical Peels range from low Level 1 to a moderate Level 2!

What are the benefits of a chemical peel?

Every peel is different, but common benefits include a brighter complexion, smoother skin, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, a more even skin tone and radiant-looking skin. You can always choose a peel that addresses specific skincare concerns for a more “targeted” result. What’s not to love?

COSMEDIX Chemical Peel Recommendations:

For the Peel Beginner: Pomegranate Peel (Level 1) or Blueberry Smoothie Peel (Level 1)

If you’re a newbie to the game of peels, the low-level Pomegranate Peel is the perfect place to start. Made with Fruit Enzymes and Lactic Acid, this antioxidant-rich treatment works with all skin types to help lift away dry skin and brighten the complexion. And, the best part? Unlike its stronger counterparts, this gentle peel works at the surface level so that you can carry on with your day while experiencing minimal skin peeling if any at all!

The Pomegranate Peel addresses skin concerns like Environmental Damage and Uneven Skin Tone and is suitable for all skin types. Also great to have as a 'Party Peel' to get your skin ready and glowing before an event.

The Blueberry Smoothie is another peel perfect for newbies, it eliminates rough, pore clogging impurities and dull surface cells. With physical and chemical exfoliation properties, this peel smooths and softens rough, uneven skin for a clearance balanced complexion.

Blueberry Smoothie Peel addresses dull, lacklustre and breakout prone skin and is suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types.

For A Mature/Rosacea Skin: Essential Peptide Peel (Level 1 + Retinol)

The Essential Peptide Peel is an introductory Level 1 peel with the addition of encapsulated Retinol. It provides superficial exfoliation while infusing the skin with Vitamin A, Peptides, Antioxidants and Stem Cell technology to reveal smoother, younger looking skin. It also helps to protect this skin from future damage post treatment. Infuses skin with retinol, balances moisture levels and exfoliates. Perfect for an aged skin, sensitive skin, reactive skin or a rosacea client as it strengthen the blood capillary walls, strengthening them to make them less inflamed.

For Blemish-Prone Skin: Clarity Peel (Level 1 + Retinol)

Give skin a moment of Clarity with this Exfoliating and Clarifying Treatment. If stubborn blemishes and congested skin are your skincare concerns, then this Level 1 Peel with retinol was made for you. Formulated specifically for blemish-prone and oily skin types, Clarity features two chemical exfoliants—Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid—and Vitamin A to help refine and clarify the look of skin as it washes away pore-clogging impurities.

For Uneven Skin Tone and Texture: Deep Sea Peel (Level 2)

Uneven skin tone and texture is a common skincare concern that can be addressed with the proper facial peel. If smooth skin is what you seek, ask your aesthetician about the Cosmedix Deep Sea Peel. This polishing treatment is part chemical exfoliant, part manual scrub that helps resurface the complexion while improving the look of uneven skin.

Deep Sea is a non-acid peel that utilises deep physical exfoliation to resurface the skin, lifting away lifeless skin cells, for dramatically softer, more even skin, improving the look of pigmentation and softening texture as well as increasing moisture. The Deep Sea Peel accelerates cell turnover and has a micro-needling effect. This Peel addresses skin concerns such as uneven skin tone, skin impurities, pigmentation and uneven texture.

For the Peel Pro: Timeless (Level 2 + Retinol)

Made for the peel expert, Timeless Peel is Cosmedix' highest level peel that helps dramatically improve the look of skin. With 30% AGP Retinol Complex and 30% Lactic Acid, this age-defying peel contains the highest level of potent ingredients to encourage healthy skin renewal and cellular turnover to visibly reduce signs of pigmentation, Rejuvenate the look of ageing and sun damaged skin. It exfoliates, helps reduce the appearance of oil breakthrough, purifies and is soothing and calming. Addresses uneven skin tone, signs of ageing and for adult acne prone skin. This peel brightens, tightens and perfects the skin.

Powerful results may include mild to moderate skin flaking. Also perfect for Melasma/hyperpigmentation, Actinic keratosis, Environmental/sun damage, Premature ageing, Problem skin/Problem skin scarring.

If you're still unsure which peel may be best for you, or you have any questions, click the button below to book in for a FREE skin consultation with our expert clinician Mary. Discuss your skin concerns and goals and we can create your FREE customised treatment and skin care plan tailored to fit your needs specifically together.

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