Fat Freezing - The NON-SURGICAL Alternative To Liposuction

Fat Freezing is the new revolutionary way to eliminate fat cells from the body for good!

What Is Fat Freezing?

Fat Freezing, otherwise know as coolsculpting or cryolipolysis is a non-invasive treatment that effectively removes fat using the localised application of controlled cooling. This cooling freezes and breaks apart stubborn fat cells. At Contouring Bodies we use the AW3 Antarctica machine, AW3 is an internationally renowned manufacturer with offices in Europe, Asia and North America that create only the highest quality, medical grade machinery. The device has 2 applicators capable of targeting stubborn fat areas such as love handles, muffin tops, thighs, bellies and even stubborn back fat.

How Does Fat Freezing Work?

It uses controlled cooling to below sub zero temperatures to cause fat cell death. Suction handles are used to create a targeted treatment area making it perfect for stubborn pockets of fat. It’s safe, gentle and clinically proven to help shift stubborn fat deposits that just wont budge regardless of healthy lifestyle and diet.

After the subcutaneous fat tissue is destroyed in the freezing process the body safely removes the dead fat cells using its natural elimination processes through the lymphatic and urinary systems. Fat Freezing is one of the most advanced body slimming solutions available on the market, integrating a number of cutting edge technologies. This treatment excels at targeting and disintegrating fat cells without affecting the skin or any other part of the body. This makes it an effective and safe alternative to liposuction.

At What Temperature Does Fat Freeze?

In order to avoid cold damage to the skin, a precise temperature level is determined, and is generally set at −8 °C. The fatty tissue under the skin is cooled to a point less than body temperature but just above actual freezing. This triggers localised fat cell death (apoptosis) in your fat cells.

During a Fat Freezing treatment, the temperature of your skin which comes into contact with the Fat Freezing applicator is constantly monitored to ensure complete safety and comfortability. The temperature of the applicator responds to this feedback so your cells will never completely freeze but will be chilled to a low enough temperature that fat cell death is triggered.

Does Fat Freezing Hurt?

The short answer to this question is no. For the vast majority of people, fat freezing treatments cause very little to no discomfort. If there was a slight discomfort experience it is generally just a cold sensation or a numb feeling which passes quickly. You don’t experience a cold feeling throughout your entire body, just in the area of treatment.

The applicator uses suction to hold the skin in place in the treated area while freezing fat cells. This suction can cause some minor and temporary bruising. This passes quickly if it does occur and is generally very mild.

Our Fat Freezing treatments are relaxed, comfortable and being only 30 minutes are over before you know it. At Contouring Bodies we’re committed to providing the best treatment experience available for all our clients. This doesn’t just involve the quality of your treatments or results but the care we take to ensure your comfort is our top priority at all times.

Fat Freezing Side Effects:

Fat Freezing takes only 30 minutes and there is zero recovery time because the skin and tissue is not damaged during the treatment. Some people do experience a mild soreness around the treated area but this is similar to the discomfort you might experience after a gym workout and passes quickly. Some may experience mild redness or bruising post treatment, but this is very mild and subsides fairly quickly.

The treated fat area will decrease by an average of 20 percent following the Fat Freezing treatment. To gain the full effect of the treatment, the body takes around four months to completely process and eliminate the fat cells.

What Is Fat Freezing Like?

Your Fat Freezing treatment will consist of your clinician putting on what we call an anti-freezing membrane, this is just like a cold sheet of fabric (similar to sheet face mask material) soaked in ultrasound gel, this helps to avoid skin frostbite and dispense low temperatures to the skin more evenly. The Fat Freezing handle applicator is then secured on to the treatment area and then we apply a suction, this might feel a little tight at first, but as the body contracts with your breathing movements, any discomfort will fade. We can adjust the suction levels to your comfortability and can tighten and release at any time. After 30 minutes we then release the suction and remove the applicator, we then conduct a small massage, this can boost the circulation. A massage always stimulates the skin and the muscles, so this can effectively speed up your treatment results.

How Does Fat Freezing Help Me?

Fat Freezing will help you get rid of any stubborn and unwanted fat and help you regain your body confidence!

If you’re unsure if this is the treatment for you, At Contouring Bodies we offer FREE virtual and in-house consultations to all of our clients, and together we can discuss your concerns and goals and we can map out how to achieve them together. We also offer FREE customised treatment and skincare plans so we can tailor our treatments specifically to you. Click the button below to book a FREE consultation with our expert Mary today and get on the road to new body confidence!

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