Do you really need to be using SPF?

Yep, even when it’s cloudy. Even if you work inside for most of the day. Even if you’re only going outside for 30 minutes. SPF is an everyday product. We know it. You know it. Your skin specialist definitely knows it. And yet, a lot of you STILL aren’t wearing it.

So, we calmly asked you “WHY THE HELL NOT?”

“It feels thick and oily and ruins my makeup!”

“They’re sticky and smelly and makes my face shiny!”

“Most sunscreens are oily, stinky and far too thick.”

“SPFs break me out. I really want to use one, but I also want to be spot-free.”

And we get it. We do! Because you’re right about some things. Cosmetically speaking, SPF has a truly awful reputation. Some are greasy and ruin makeup. Some are too thick and leave your face looking ghosty. Some just feel a bit gross, so why SHOULD you wear it? AND why WOULD you wear it?

1. Cumulative sun damage is the primary reason for skin ageing.

Incidental sun damage (the kind you get from running errands, picking up the kids, grabbing a coffee etc.) adds up. Over time, sun damage can take both an aesthetic and medical toll on the skin. UV light damages the skin and its underlying connective tissue, leading to the development of wrinkles and lines.

The effects of UV exposure, and sun damage, are cumulative with the full extent of damage not immediately apparent. Sun exposure can also increase skin cancer risk, an all too common occurrence in Australia. And thanks to UVA rays, all that sun exposure can also lead to pigmentation, dark spots and more.

But! Wearing SPF every day can dramatically reduce your physical signs of ageing. (Put simply: SPF is how to look 40 when you’re 60.)

Any exposure can result in sun damage, with different types of UV radiation resulting in different types of damage. From the immediately apparent sunburn caused by UVB light, to the deeply penetrating damage resulting from UVA light, you should do all you can to protect your skin from the sun. Unfortunately, many people only think to use sunscreen on scorching hot days, or if they’re going to be outside all day. In reality, sunscreen should be applied every day, even if it is overcast outside or you’re spending much of the day inside.

UV radiation is not only present on a warm summer’s day but are also present and can damage skin when the weather is cool, or there is cloud cover. This is especially the case for people with a fairer skin tone, as they have less of the protective pigment called melanin. However, people of all skin tones can get skin cancer, and should practice proper sun protection, including wearing daily sunscreen.

2. Exfoliated skin is more vulnerable to sun damage.

If you are exfoliating layers off your face, (be that with AHAs, BHAs, retinoids or retinol or Vitamin A products) you are giving UV rays easier access to damage

your skin cells.

3. Skin cancer is not something that happens to other people.

It happens here, to us. Australia has the third highest rate of skin cancer in the world, and 2 in every 3 Aussies will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they’re 70. That’s a big, scary real world statistic. And a really good reason to start wearing SPF, if you ask us.

The good news is wearing SPF every day will protect you from all that stuff. It really will!

The BETTER news is SPF formulations have come a long way.

We used to have to deal with thick, oily, makeup-ruining creams to shield our faces from sun damage. But not anymore.

Aspect Sun’s formula feels beautiful on the skin and has a collection of UVA and UVB, SPF 50+ skincare to elevate your daily routine. Ultra-hydrating, lightweight and fast absorbing for all-year-round use. They are a very high protection mineral sunscreen cream that has been specially developed to provide broad spectrum UVA and UVB SPF 50+ from the sun while protecting the skin from external free radicals.

Formulated with 22.7% Zinc Oxide to protect and help minimise the harsh ageing effects of UV exposure, while the addition of Glycerin works to boost

moisture levels in the skin and provide long lasting hydration. Invisible on the skin with a barely there fee.

It’s 80 minutes water resistant and leaves no white residue, paraben free and benzophenone free. And that means those reasons you gave us before don’t mean a thing, just wear it.


Sunscreen works by preventing UV rays from penetrating the skin, thereby reducing the risk of sunburn and skin cancer, and the incidence of sunspots, discolouration and signs of anti-ageing.

90% of skin cancers can be attributed to sun damage, which means sun protection is essential to your long-term health and wellbeing. Any form of sun protection will reduce the risk of skin cancer, particularly sunscreen which can provide global whole body protection.


Australians should be looking for sun protection that is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

High SPF is then the next criteria, with SPF 30 being sufficient but SPF 50+ being ideal. As there is not just one type of UV radiation to protect against, your chosen sunscreen should also be labelled as a “broad-spectrum” SPF. “Broad-spectrum” sunscreens are formulated to protect you from both UVA and UVB rays.

When finding a daily sunscreen, ensure that the sunscreen you choose is lightweight and feels pleasant on the skin. Take your own personal preferences and skin type into consideration when choosing the best everyday sunscreen for you. A sunscreen that you enjoy using, with a formula that works within your daily routine, will be easier to adopt as a daily habit.


For a specially-designed sunscreen for sensitive skin, consider the Aspect Sun Physical Sun Protection SPF 50+. It is a very high protection mineral sunscreen cream that has been specially developed to provide broad spectrum UVA and UVB SPF 50+ from the sun.

Formulated with 22.7% Zinc Oxide to protect and help minimise the harsh ageing effects of UV exposure, while the addition of Glycerin works to boost moisture levels in the skin. Invisible on the skin with a barely there feel.


For dryer, dull skin, opt for the Aspect Sun Hydrating Face SPF 50+, it provides a blend of antioxidants and broad spectrum UV protective actives to deliver very high sun protection, as well the ultimate nourishment for skins in need of more support against ageing and damaging effects of UV exposure.

The combination of UV protection and smoothing effects of silica in Hydrating Face SPF 50+ provides the skin with an immediate even glow, while glycerin helps to plump and boost hydration. Perfect to use prior to the application of makeup to increase longevity and stay protected.


For those with a more active lifestyle, opt for the Aspect Sun Envirostat® Face SPF 50+ its a very high protection water resistant sunscreen cream which has been specially developed to provide broad spectrum UVA and UVB SPF 50+ from the sun in a lightweight formula that doesn't leave a white residue.

Envirostat® Face SPF 50+ delivers a soothing and protective blend of antioxidants and Vitamin E to assist with minimising the harsh ageing effects of UV exposure, while providing an instant dry finish. Ideal for those with an active lifestyle.


The Aspect Sun CC Cream SPF 50+ combines the benefits of broad spectrum UVA and UVB SPF 50+protection, with the convenience of a universal colour-correcting tint to help even out skin tone. Achieve instant luminosity with this lightweight, multifunctional CC cream, formulated with potent antioxidants for supreme hydration and protection from external environmental aggressors. The perfect flawless result with a satin-smooth finish.


Start protecting your skin from sun damage and minimise your skin cancer risk by using sunscreens from Aspect Sun. Remember sun protection is essential at any age. Protect the whole family with Aspect Sun available at Contouring Bodies, Sydney Body Contouring and Facial Clinic.

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