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In this blog, we will be debunking some of the most common MYTHS when it comes to Body Contouring and getting them out of your frame of mind once and for all!

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Myth 1: Non‑Surgical Methods Aren’t Effective

This is an area of aesthetics that is developing at a phenomenal pace, with new techniques and devices becoming available every year. There are plenty of Non‑Surgical procedures that yield real results.


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Myth 2: Body Contouring Is Not Safe

Body Contouring is safe for most patients, before any treatment is conducted we have an extensive consultation form that asks about everything that we need to know such as age, gender, medications, sun exposure, previous medical history etc. For example, Clients who have vascular conditions that make them extra sensitive to cold temps, clients with Raynauds syndrome or diabetes are more likely to suffer damage to the blood vessels near the surface causing irritation or bruising. Also a lot of these clients can also have nervous system issues, we do not treat anyone that may have these as our nervous system regulates pain, feelings, breathing etc. although most diabetic people will be okay, it’s just a potential risk.


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Myth 3: Body Contouring Only Effects External Appearance

After reviewing a number of medical papers regarding Body Contouring, it has been found that Body Contouring likely improved overall quality of life including social and psychological functioning, sexual functioning, self esteem and more. Obviously a main reason for interest in Body Contouring is outward appearance, but the benefits run much deeper. Clients feel better about themselves and their overall quality of life improves.


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Myth 4: It’s A Temporary Fix

As with any aesthetic treatment, the patient must take variables such as diet and exercise into account. This treatment doesn’t prevent weight gain in the future, so once you are approved as a viable candidate, your expert technician will work with you to create a personalised plan that ensures you see long‑lasting results.


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Myth 5: Surgical Liposuction Is The Only Thing That Works

This is totally false. Non‑Invasive Body Contouring is a science. While liposuction might be the term your most familiar with, it’s by no means the only option that works when it comes to getting the body you want. Non‑Invasive treatments offer a great way to sculpt the body and drop dress sizes depending on your goals and which treatment is right for you.


Myth 6: Body Contouring Is Expensive

Sometimes people hear “Body Contouring” and automatically think it is out of their financial reach. However, the price of the procedure does vary from person to person based on the area being treated, the type of treatment and the results you are looking for. In comparison to surgery, this treatment is extremely affordable and we do offer payments options such as Afterpay if your wanting to pay in instalments. There is zero downtime so your salary won’t need to take a hit in regards to recovery time.

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Myth 7: Body Contouring Is Painful

This just isn’t true. Non‑Surgical Body Contouring will sculpt and smooth out your body without the pain and scarring associated with surgery. No anaesthesia is required and any discomfort is extremely rare and if so minimal.


Myth 8: Body Contouring Prevents Future Weight Gain

Body Contouring treatments don’t prevent weight gain. They remove fat cells in the targeted area to reshape and refine the body, but these fat cells can still enlarge and cause weight gain in the future. This is why it’s imperative to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan to maintain your results. As pictured below, 6 months post any treatment, results have gotten better by being maintained with her post treatment plan.

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Myth 9: Body Contouring Procedures Haven’t Changed

New advances keep arriving in the world of body sculpting. Many of the existing procedures have been safe and FDA/TGA approved, but researchers and doctors continue to search for innovations. A team recently reviewed the effectiveness of using laser/cryo lipolysis procedures versus more traditional methods. The findings show that both procedures were effective, but the laser/cryo treatments are proving to be more effective and with even fewer complications.


Myth 10: You Can Only Contour Tummy and Thighs

False! Patients across the world are seeing amazing results from using non‑surgical body contouring in a number of areas including the neck, chin, upper arms, knees and more!

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Curious about a treatment but don’t know what’s best?

We offer FREE Virtual and Face To Face Consultations for all of our clients to help you discuss:

✅ Your Body Goals

✅ What Your Concerns Are

✅ Devise A Treatment Plan

✅ Measure and Take Before and After Photos

Before we get started with any treatments, we like to get to know you a little better!

This way we can tailor and recommend your perfect treatment plan best suited to you.

There are many different factors that can vary your experience and result here at Contouring Bodies. This can include things like medication you may be on, previous health history and issues, age, skin type, gender and many more.

Every client receives a tailored consultation for every treatment they have whether it’s body, skin or dental.

Book in for your FREE consultation today and get started on your body transformation journey!

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