Body Treatments


EMS: from $189

Non-Invasive, Pain Free Electro-Magnetic Muscle Stimulation Causing Muscles To Contract, Replicates 20,000 Squats or Sit-Ups, Perfect for Defining and Toning, Also Great For Abdominal Separation.


FAT FREEZE: from $189

Non-Invasive, Pain Free Controlled Cooling To Permanently Kill Fat Cells and Cause Fat Cell Death, Uses Suction Handles So Treatment Is More Targeted, Perfect For Stubborn Pockets of Fat.

CAVITATION: from $149

Non-Invasive, Pain Free Ultrasound Technology, Using Ultrasonic Waves and Vibrations To Convert Fat Cells Into Liquids Which Then Drain Naturally By The Bodies Own Lymphatic System, Perfect For Breaking Down Stubborn Fat and Cellulite.

LASER LIPO: from $100

Non-Invasive, Pain Free Low Level/Cold Laser Technology Used To Reduce Girth and Fat. It Breaks Down Stored Tryglycerides into Free Fatty Acids and Glycerol Which Then Releases The Fat To Be Eliminated From The Body. This is a natural response the body has when it needs to use stored energy reserves. Perfect for covering larger areas like stomach, back, thighs and arms etc.




Tightens and induces collagen and elastin production non-invasivly and is pain free. The Radiofrequency produces currents that heat the deeper skin tissues to promote blood circulation to tighten skin. The dermal layer of the skin becomes thickened with the new collagen production and wrinkles are pushed out so skin becomes firmer and the contours are lifted. Perfect for tightening loose skin on face and body, diminishing cellulite and great for mums.


YUMMY TUMMY: from $349

Includes a triple threat combo of Cavitation, Laser Lipo and RF Skin Tightening and is by far our most popular treatment. Diminish stubborn fat, cellulite and tighten loose skin with our Yummy Tummy Package! Can be used on all areas of the body.

SEXY LEGS: from $349

Achieve those sexy summer legs all year round with this package, combining together Cavitation and RF Skin Tightening, this treatment works to get rid of stubborn thigh fat, smooth out any texture and cellulite and make you look more tight and toned. Can be performed on Inner, Outer, Rear Thigh and Calf.


Pairing EMS and BBL together is sure to give you that perfect peach! Build your booty and tone with EMS and smooth, shape and lift with BBL, you’ll have a perfect peach in no time!


Smooth, lift and shape with our non-invasive, non-surgical, pain free BBL! Cavitation works to sculpt around the contours of your peach giving you that fuller, shelf-like look and then we finish off with RF to help stimulate collagen and ease smooth, tighten and lift.



The perfect way to get ready for your big day. This package includes x4 body contouring sessions of your choice, x2 facials of your choice and x1 teeth whitening treatment, valued at $1754, save over $350